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Suburban Shed
June 26, 2017
Metro Garden Shed Green
The Metro Garden Shed
June 27, 2017
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The Metro Garage


Our garages come standard with a 5′ wide, 6′ tall roll up aluminum door. Available in sixes 7×8 to a 8×16. Perfect size for motorcycles and large lawn equipment!

Prices include a 6′ tall 5′ wide roll up aluminum door.

Metal BlackMetal BlackMetal BlackMetal Bright RedMetal Bright RedMetal Bright RedMetal BrownMetal BrownMetal BrownMetal BurgundyMetal BurgundyMetal BurgundyMetal Burnished SlateMetal Burnished SlateMetal Burnished SlateMetal CharcoalMetal CharcoalMetal CharcoalMetal Colony GreenMetal Colony GreenMetal Colony GreenMetal Copper MetallicMetal Copper MetallicMetal Copper MetallicMetal Gallery BlueMetal Gallery BlueMetal Gallery BlueMetal Galvalume MetallicMetal Galvalume MetallicMetal Galvalume MetallicMetal Hawaiian BlueMetal Hawaiian BlueMetal Hawaiian BlueMetal Hunter GreenMetal Hunter GreenMetal Hunter GreenMetal IvoryMetal IvoryMetal IvoryMetal Light GrayMetal Light GrayMetal Light GrayMetal Rustic RedMetal Rustic RedMetal Rustic RedMetal TanMetal TanMetal TanMetal TaupeMetal TaupeMetal TaupeMetal WhiteMetal WhiteMetal White
Shingles BlackShingles BlackShingles BlackShingles CedarShingles CedarShingles CedarShingles GreenShingles GreenShingles GreenShingles Light GrayShingles Light GrayShingles Light GrayShingles Rustic BrownShingles Rustic BrownShingles Rustic BrownShingles WeatherwoodShingles WeatherwoodShingles Weatherwood
Paint AlmondPaint AlmondPaint AlmondPaint BlackPaint BlackPaint BlackPaint BrownPaint BrownPaint BrownPaint Burnished SlatePaint Burnished SlatePaint Burnished SlatePaint CharcoalPaint CharcoalPaint CharcoalPaint ClayPaint ClayPaint ClayPaint Colony GreenPaint Colony GreenPaint Colony GreenPaint Gallery BluePaint Gallery BluePaint Gallery BluePaint Hawaiian BluePaint Hawaiian BluePaint Hawaiian BluePaint Hunter GreenPaint Hunter GreenPaint Hunter GreenPaint Light GreyPaint Light GreyPaint Light GreyPaint Rustic RedPaint Rustic RedPaint Rustic RedPaint TanPaint TanPaint TanPaint TaupePaint TaupePaint TaupePaint WhitePaint WhitePaint White
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  • 7×8: $2595.00 or $120.14 for 36 months
  • 7×10: $2695.00 or $124.77 for 36 months
  • 7×12: $2795.00 or $129.40 for 36 months
  • 7×16: $2895.00 or $134.03 for 36 months
  • 8×8: $2845.00 or $31.71 for 36 months
  • 8×10: $2945.00 or $136.34 for 36 months
  • 8×12: $3095.00 or $143.29 for 36 months
  • 8×16: $3295.00 or $152.55 for 36 months
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Metal Colors

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Shingle Colors

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Paint Colors

Paint Almond, Paint Black, Paint Brown, Paint Burnished Slate, Paint Charcoal, Paint Clay, Paint Colony Green, Paint Gallery Blue, Paint Hawaiian Blue, Paint Hunter Green, Paint Light Grey, Paint Rustic Red, Paint Tan, Paint Taupe, Paint White

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